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At City Hall Cheesecake, we believe in loving others in a big way, and that starts with our team. After all, it's just proven facts that the happiest people make the tastiest cakes. We believe in creating a cheerful work environment so that you can taste joy in every slice, because love really is the best ingredient.

Dream Team



Aside from being a full-time free spirit, Anne preps and bakes some of our most delicious cakes. In her free time, Anne loves swinging in her hammock with her hubby Cody, dancing to the Grateful Dead and telling others about her story of redemption.


When Allison isn't slinging cheesecakes and serving up smiles at City Hall, she loves spending time with her friends and family like the social sweetheart we positively adore.

Britney 1-2.jpg


Javelynn 1-2.jpg


Our sweet Javelyn is such a gem! Aside from making others smiles, she also enjoy spending time with her family, singing, and drawing. We are thankful to spend our days with such a talented and joyful lady.

Dylan 1-2.jpg


Dylan is one of our fantastic preppers at CHC Silo.. When he's not  serving customers, you can bet he's probably working out, reading, or playing soccer.

Markie 1-2.jpg


Our Dazzling Markie is such a joy to have on our team! When she's not serving smiles to our guests, Markie enjoys spending time with her friends & family, reading, and hiking through nature.

Ashlee 2-2.jpg


We have so much fun with our spirited Ashlee! When she's not serving up cheesecake, she loves hanging out with her family and dog Rocky. She enjoys listening to Queen and is almost always drinking Dr. Pepper!

Thatcher 1-2.jpg


Our guy Thatcher is ALWAYS bringing happiness to our guests. Like many of his fellow team members, he also loves reading. Watching TV and shopping are some other things he enjoys outside of City Hall.

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